What to do about henna drying too fast

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What to do about henna drying too fast

I recently purchased some Jamila upon recommendation and made two batches of it.  I have tried the Jamila but I find that it is drying within 45 minutes of application. I use a honey/lemon combination. I know that henna has to stay moist in order to darken onto skin,  and I thought that because I live in an area that is usually humid that I wouldn't run into this issue. So what can I do to keep the Jamila from drying out too quickly?  Also should I be adding a Moroccan or Yemeni Henna into the Jamila as well, I have seen this done and I assume because these release dyes faster.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: What to do about henna drying too fast

 No, actually it sounds like your doing just fine. The paste should dry. It does need to stay on skin though. If it flakes and cracks you'll need to add more sugar, but if not, you're golden.

For special occasions some people will dab the paste with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar to (keep it wet and more active) each time it starts to dry, but this is over the top in my opinion. This doesn't give enough benefit in color to be worthwile considering that the longer it stays wet the more opportunities the paste has to smudge and for thin lines to start spreading and melting.

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