License needed for Henna tattoos?

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License needed for Henna tattoos?

I know that the FDA current regulations prohibit the use of henna on skin in the US. Does that mean that henna artists are breaking the law? Do we need some sort of license to apply henna to skin?

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Re: License needed for Henna tattoos?

 It is a tricky thing! The FDA doesn't regulate products applied by professionals. Henna art is not covered in any regulation or lisense so no agency has jurisdiction over our status as professionals. So no, henna artists are not breaking the law, but only because no law applied to us!

Because we don't have any sort of legal hoops to jump its especially important to regulate ourselves to keep the industry respectable. Make sure you've got any business lisense or proper paper work for your area done and current. Make sure you have insurance. Make sure your paste only contains safe ingredients.

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