Latex in glitter glue

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Latex in glitter glue

 Does anyone know of issues with latex in glitter glue? I've seen info online about latex in body glue and adhesive but was wondering if anyone had any bad reactions to craft glitter glue.

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Re: Latex in glitter glue

 Latex is a common and serious allergen. The good news is that people that have a latex allergy tend to know it. As long as you let people know that there is latex in your product its perfectly fine. Latex is common in products intended for use on skin.

Using craft glitter glue, again, is not a great idea! First off products meant to be used in crafts are not require to list all of their ingredients. Also the glitter its self could be a problem. Only polyester encased glitter should be used in cosmetic applications. The glitter in craft glitter could be aluminum or even glass. This is dangerous. 

Glitter gels can be made easily from hair gel or aloe gel and cosmetic glitter OR you can buy body art safe glitter gels.

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