Vitamin C to lighten hair

Hey group I posted yesterday about my hair coming out too dark with the sunrise dark brunette mixed with amla.  Well I search this forum for how to lighten and found an old post on using vitamin C to lighten the hair and so far so good.  I crushed up some vitamin c (12 tablets of 1000mg) mixed it with cheap shampoo, wrapped my head in plastic for an hour 45minutes, and it did significantly lighten it up--I was pleased. 

Now I am wondering how long it will last or will I have to periodically use vitamin C to keep the effect since I heard the henna-indingo will continue to change with oxidation and it may return dark again.  Any thoughts?


Was your final result dramatically darker than on your strand test?

In any case, repeat the Vit C several times (I did 3 times a day, one day apart, for 3 or 4 days for a total of 9 or 12 treatements) and the darkness did not come back.  I think it even lifted some of the henna too.  The many treatments dried my hair some but nothing that couldn't be fixed by deep conditioning. 


 Thank you very much xyz

 Thank you, xyz

I am truly wondering to see if this ends up. You really need to discuss how much lighter your hair is subsequently. How about some pictures? like a before and after.


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