new to henna, can I achieve a cool tone?

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new to henna, can I achieve a cool tone?

Hi! I'm new to henna and super excited to try coloring my hair with henna and have been doing a ton of research but still have a lot of questions. I have been using chemical dyes for years and recently had a reaction. Blisters, numbness and hair loss. Big gobs of hair. I  have maybe 50% white hairs thru the crown and sides of my head, less in back. My length varies from light.medium brown to darker brown w/ a highlight of red/orange. I'm hoping to achieve a cool tone red, even into burgundy. I want to try the sunrise celebration, it sounds like my best bet. I can't figure out how to strand test my root color but will definitely do one for my length. My biggest concern is ending up orange, I'm very cool toned. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what to try for keping a cool tone or testing on just outgrowth?

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Re: new to henna, can I achieve a cool tone?

A very high dye content henna like Celebration would make it relatively easy to get to a burgundy tone, which is the only cool-ish shade henna can make on its own. Adding some indigo (probably 10 to 25% indigo) to your Celebration can deepen the color as well.

To do a test on your roots I'd simply apply some (say, 1/2 inch wide section) to the roots of your hair. Cover and time it just as you plan to do.

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