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 I am about to try the Twilight Henna for the first time.  I have never hennaed my hair, only used commercial dyes in the past. My hair is growing in a ashy brown and grey is popping out a lot lately, the rest of my hair is quite damaged, had it highlighted in the past, so it is pretty dry like straw and long (mid back).

 I am a bit confused about what to mix the henna with.  For those of you whom have tried various liquids, such as apple cider vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice -- can you tell me what your experience or end result was ?  

Did you prefer one over another ?

Did the end result/color look different when you used various liquids in subsequent coloring ?

Did you have less irritation/sensitivity with a particular liquid ?

I am planning to do my initial henna application for at least 6 hours or longer (maybe sleep with it overnight).  
Can you leave henna on TOO long ?  Like if you left it on for 10-12 hours, would the color turn out way too dark or be bad in some way for leaving it on that long ?

How much liquid do you use to henna ?  Have any of you measured it, to give us some type of idea - like for a 100g henna bag how much ACV/orange/lemon juice did you mix it with ?

Do you have any additional advice or tips on this - I feel a bit anxious about doing this, worried how it will come out. 

Just to review what I know (add to this or correct if I am wrong):

You mix the henna with liquid (such as those listed above) to the consistency of mashed potatoes, I am not sure of the exact quantity of liquid.  Then you let it sit in the bowl for at least 12 hours (plastic wrap over it).  

Can you let the mixture sit TOO long or TOO little (and it won't be effective)?

After the 12 hours stir it and check how the consistency is, you can add more liquid to make it more like yogurt.

Then you smear it all over your head thickly (I have long hair so I guess you pile that on top at the end) and wrap your head several times around in plastic wrap.  Then you should wait a minimum of 4 hours, preferably 6 hours or longer, then you rinse it in a bathtub filled with water, using conditioner to get it out of your hair, shampoo and condition after rinsed out.

Wait 3 days after to see the actual color.  Is that it ?

Then when the roots grow out, you mix a smaller quantity and just put it on the roots, not all over as the color will darken all over if you do that.  I never read anywhere - when you do JUST ROOTS do you still wrap your head in plastic, since if you have long hair, how would you do that (your hair would be hanging out of the plastic wrap on the bottom ?)

If I got any of that incorrect, or if you can add anything to that, please do.  I don't want to screw this up.

Thank you for all of your advice/experiences.


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