Burgundy henna recipe

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Burgundy henna recipe

Hello All,

I have 20% greys (well, white) on my crown and sides.  My natural hair colour is jet black but I find that as I get older deep black is ageing and harsh -and at some point it looks really fake. I have medium olive skin and orange does not suit me at all.  Any ideas on how to get burgundy or plum colour instead?

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Re: Burgundy henna recipe

Highest dye content henna available (Twilight from mehandi is the highest they sell), applied several times in a row. Unfortunately with pure dyes there is no real other way of doing it besides repeated applications as it needs to build up in order to get to that color. Other brands can offer it because they add things to it to MAKE it that color.



Have you tried a hennigo mix to make your grays a brown shade? There are a couple ways you could do it to get any where from golden brown (which wont darken the rest of your hair much or at all) to a near black (which probably will darken the rest of your hair).

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Re: Burgundy henna recipe

Several applications of a strong henna like Twilight would make your grays a deep burgundy/auburn but your jet black hair will remain jet black - so unless that sounds appealing, I'd agree with ACWN's good advice to consider a brown (or a black) color for your hair. Brown you'd get with a mix of henna + indigo, or black would result from henna followed by indigo.

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