Planning a Salon Night-Advice Appreciated!

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Planning a Salon Night-Advice Appreciated!

Heather-I think you are the ad I saw for such a thing...any tips?

The idea is this:

once a month at a pleasant location like a cafe or such, there is a gathering of henna artist, Indian head massage therapist, nail tech, someone to do spa treatments to hands, someone to do spa treatments to feet, maybe a make up artist, maybe a body painter, maybe the tattoo shops that do cosmetic tattooing can represent, a few belly dancers,  maybe photographer or two, live music & food kind of night.

People pay a small fee towards the entertainment & food to enter, then each table offers a sample for the same flat fee, say $15 per person and clients can network, hang out and sample the local spa and body art.

Maybe there can be collaboration rates between artists to sell party packages, maybe a raffle....

Has anyone any experience arranging or organizing something of this nature?

I'm looking for advice on planning, naming the event, suggestions on fees for vendors, suggestions on how to make it happen, and any I crazy?


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Re: Planning a Salon Night-Advice Appreciated!

I see a bunch of health department fails, as well as insurance liability fails.  You might get away with it once, but if you want to do it more than once, you will probably get visits from city officials who have the power to demand expensive and tedious things of you.

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