Booth Sharing Among Henna Artists

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Booth Sharing Among Henna Artists

Flavia, I know you have advice on this one! Alissa, your input is important, too!

I'm meeting with the few local henna artists that are as serious as I am, and the question is;

How do two or more artists best arrange business and space to share a booth space? There is PLENTY of clients at Festivals for more than one artist, I hate not being able to get to everyone (people are so sad and grouchy) and dang it, I need the camaraderie if it's possible.

BUT I do know here there is at least one other artist who used the VIcks Vapour Rub and Eucalyptus, someone is claiming to have "colored henna" and another is spraying her work with water as she goes. So I am sensitive to the fact that shares should at the least both be on the same page method-wise, if nothing else so I can stand the smell of the booth!

(I am planning to meet others in person to discuss method, space and business before sharing.)

ANY advice on this is most welcome. I'm having a good first season out, making plenty of mistakes to learn from, but screwing up relations with local henna artists is not a mistake worth making here. I don't want enemies if I can help it.

Thank you all in advance!

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Re: Booth Sharing Among Henna Artists

Life is so much easier with two!  Two artists not only share the work, but they share the.... well.... mostly they share the work and if you've done one festival alone, you'll agree that that in itself is enough.  I also agree that if two or more artists are to share a booth, they should be on par in skill and general henna knowledge.  Sounds like you are on your way to scouting out a fitting booth-buddy.  Comraderie takes time to develope, so in the meantime, a clearly outlined set of standards/booth practices should be written up and followed by all artists.  It's much easier to work with someone new when you both are following the same ground rules, using the same designs, same henna, same information about henna, etc.  If you can get your potential booth partners involved with this site, it would help a great deal in making sure you have this kind of uniformity. 

If you are wanting a 50/50 partnership from the beginning, plot out your booth set-up and practices together.  Make a shopping list for supplies and go halfsies.  Take an inventory of who already has what and work together on how best to outfit your booth.  If you feel more comfortable being in charge and using your own stuff, maybe you could offer one of your potentials a position as booth-babe (answers questions about henna, manages the line, etc.) for a percentage of what you earn during the festival (10% is a good start).  That way, you can get to know them and they can see how you like your booth to be run.  If it works out, invite them to work with you and see where it goes.

When I booth-share with my beloved Henna Grrrls (Mani and Amanda), we act as independant contractors... i.e., what we makes, we keeps.  Each of us has our own supplies, money exchange, etc., and we split the booth fee equally between us.  We operate on a "first customer who knows what they want is next and goes to the first artist available" basis, which manages the line nicely and seems to average out in what each artists earns.  If we notice that one of us seems to be getting all the $5 kanjis, we'll pass on some bigger designs to them out of courtesy.  For the last few years, all tips acquired go into a communal fund which pays for our annual henna conference trip (or went toward major booth-supply purchases when we lived in the same state).  At the end of the day, the Henna Grrrl who made the most buys dinner :).

Good luck in your partner search!

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