Bleaching henna (photos) + Cassia/buxus toner

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Bleaching henna (photos) + Cassia/buxus toner

TLDR version: Bleached multiple applications of henna, toned down the residual orange with a cassia/buxus/henna toner.  Photos of before/after in this photostream:


2 years ago, I did a 2-step henna then indigo on my hair. It made it shiny deepest black-brown.

This was lovely, except that my natural color is dark ash blonde, so I was left with "floating hair/faux baldness" after 2 weeks of light colored hair growth, and re-doing the 2-step process every 2 weeks was just impossible! Plus, my hubby hated that he could no longer spot me in a crowded store. ;)

I tried raw honey lightening, colorOops, ColorZap, powdered bleach... none of which did a darned thing to the darkness of the indigo.  The best it did was go from brown-black to very dark brown with a mossy greenish cast in the sun.

So, then began the multiple applications of henna to get an auburn red that would at least blend the lightness of my regrowth into the blackness of the length. Now that it's been 2 years, I finally had enough regrowth to chop off all the indigo and still look like a girly girl.  It's short (boy does that feel weird!), but it looks so much better.

Now, to get back to a color that resembles my virgin growth, so I can slack off on the frequency of my recolors!

Roux cream/oil bleach + 30 vol peroxide (Both from Sally's)

Left the bleach on for 10 mintues on the overlapped henna (rich auburn color, about a level 5 on the beautician's lightness scale).  Then I applied it to the rest for another 10 minutes (20 min total). Here's what I got: 

Still very orange, but so much closer to my natural shade, and the length is no longer darker than the roots!

The roots weren't nearly as yellow as I had imagined they would be, but still more yellow than the length.  So, onto the cassia/buxus toner.

100g cassia, 1 wee packet of the 2012 Punjabi Prime henna (38g), and 50g of buxus. 4 tbsp lemon juice + water, 12 hour dye release.

Left on the roots for 3 hours, length for 1.5.  It toned down the orange slightly, blended in the lighter yellow roots, and didn't darken the overall color.








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Re: Bleaching henna (photos) + Cassia/buxus toner

 Excellent! That's really useful information. Thanks for sharing!

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