which henna to use

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which henna to use

I have natural red hair.  It was strawberry as a little girl and became a light auburn as an adult.  I always got wonderful comments everywhere I went on my hair.  I was just born with wonderful hair that was very thick, and I kept it at waist length.  Three years ago I underwent Chemotherapy (yuk) for breast cancer.  I lost every bit of hair!  It has now grown back and is still thick and is just below shoulder length, but the color is what I can only describe as a little mousey.  It's not the same beautiful red I have had all my life.  Yesterday I went to a salon and decided to try having my hair colored (although I've always said my color doesn't come in a bottle) as I wanted brighten it up and cover the very few little gray hairs that have just begun to grow now that I'm 50 yrs.old.  The stylist turned my hair almost black with a slight cherry tone when I'm in the sunlight.  It just looks so bad and doesn't go with my natural coloring of fair skin and blue eyes.  She said it would litghten in a couple of days and I would love it.  She says it just comes out dark at first because I have "virgin hair".  I paid $164.85 for this mistake!  Lesson learned!  I went out and bought a bottle of "Perfect Ten, light auburn" this morning to try and lighten my hair.  My husband stopped me as he thought it might make it worse.  He didn't think dark would get lighter with another dye.  I remembered that Lucy Ball used henna and decided to look on the internet.  Now I know that I don't want to use that dye.  My question is what henna should I use, should I combine it with cassia, how long to get rid of the dark dye job, and can I ever get my hair back to a fairly natural color?  I'd appreciate any advice.  I like red!

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Re: which henna to use

First I would recommend swapping the dye you bought for a box of ColorOops to remove that color. Henna cannot lighten and as dark as it is right now, henna wont help. ColorOops should help remove most or all of that dark color, returning you to something similar to your natural color.


From there, I would recommend getting some samples of mehandi.com's henna. Start with a lower dye content like Yemen Light or PP. Mix with something gentle, like tea (any will do). Cover with plastic wrap (press to the surface) and let sit for about two hours. Once you have dye release (test on your palm, do not go by color of the paste), apply to some hair from your hair brush. Put in a ziplock, suck the air out and put in your pocket for about 2.5 hours. Rinse and let sit a week.


My past is similar to yours.. I started out with naturally red hair as a kid, but over the years its faded to a funky brown color. Two and a half hours of Yemen Light henna gives me a very deep auburn even though the dye is fairly weak. If the color you get is too dark for you, try Raj. Jasmine instead for the same amount of time.

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