Henna getting lumps

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Henna getting lumps

Good Day everyone.

So i have been mixing and selling henna for about a year now, and lately i have had couple of my customers, who received thein henna clumpy or lumped. this has never happened before, can anyone tell me what might cause that ? And how do i solve the problem.

I henna paste is made of jamilla 09, mixed with sugar and lemon juice, then i let it sit for 12 hours, mix in tea tree oil ( 1 TBSP per 100g jamilla ) let that sit for 3 -5 hours, then cone them, and put in the freezer. After that when i receive an order, i mail it to them.

Could it be the heat this summer ? because other than that, i only chnged the lemon juice brand of bottle.

Can someone please help me.



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Re: Henna getting lumps

Strain it through a stocking.

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