A couple of questions before henna

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A couple of questions before henna

Hi, I'm new here.  I've hendigoed my hair before when it was long.  Now, it's short and I'm growing out white-blonde highlights in my natural mousy brown/grey.  I've decided I want to go for pure henna and try to get as vibrant a colour as possible.

I've looked at a lot of different people's recipes, and I notice people using things like paprika and cayenne pepper in their mix.  Is this to get a more vibrant colour?  Does it work?

I live in a very hard water area.  I read some comments on the forum today about hard water depositing minerals on the hair that can affect the colour.  Would a vinegar rinse help to counteract that, or do I need special products?


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Re: A couple of questions before henna

People do that to get more vibrant color but those things don't stain the hair permanently, just until you wash your hair again.

For mineral buildup in the hair, Rainwash from Mehandi or Ion crystal clarifying treatment from Sally Beauty supply are what will work. I don't think vinegar would work as well. However, I suggest you simply do a strand test with your henna and see if you have a problem or not. My water is very hard but I never had discolored hair when using henna or cassia; it is only certain kinds of minerals that do this.

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