body art quality indigo powder

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body art quality indigo powder

How to test body art quality Indigo powder.  How to know whether the Indigo Powder available in the market is suitable for hair dye.  Please suggest easy way of testing the Body Art Quality of Indigo Powder.

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Re: body art quality indigo powder

 First off, the term "BAQ" doesn't work the same way for indigo that it does for henna. The kind of indigo sometimes used in body art is completely different than the stuff used for hair.

If you put a pinch of pure indigo powder on a very wet paper towel there will be some color sort of wickng away from the pile after about 15 minutes. If its yellowish green, its real indigo but stay or with low dye content. If its greenish blue, its great. If it looks black or brown its laces with chemical dyes!

The best way, of course it to buy lab certified pure indigo!

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