Can I use henna and indigo if my hair has been chemically highlighted?

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Can I use henna and indigo if my hair has been chemically highlighted?

I've been wanting to switch from chemical hair dye to henna for some time. Naturally, I have light/med brown hair with lots of gray woven in, but I've been chemically coloring my hair for many years. I now have about an inch of new hair growth since I last colored my hair medium brown (about 5 weeks ago). I had highlights added about 10 weeks ago, (although they've been covered since then - they're still underneath). I was hoping to use a henna/indigo mix because I would rather have brown hair than red, but I've read that indigo will turn the highlights green. Is this true? Is there some other henna formula I can use that will color my hair brown and cover my gray safely, that won't interact with my chemically colored hair/ highlights (ie. coffee or tea)? Also, I'd love if someone can clarify if it's safe to henna chemically colored hair in general? Is it just highlights that can be problematic? Thanks!

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Re: Can I use henna and indigo if my hair has been ...

Indigo will turn green if you try to bleach it. On highlights it may appear green if your hair is not saturated with henna or if theres not enough henna in your mix. But if there is enough henna, it will not appear green in the long term. It may appear a little green the first 24 - 48 hours, but it will go away as it oxidizes.


Henna alone will not give you brown, no matter what you mix in with it (besides indigo or buxus). Coffee does nothing for the color, neither does tea.


So long as the henna you use is 100%, yes its safe to dye over chemically treated hair. It will help repair the damage and strengthen your hair.



Now, I strongly recommend that you strand test before you apply. Chemically damaged hair will often suck up indigo dye like crazy and can turn out darker than you were expecting. So you will need to strand test ratios and time.

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