Does Indigo need Henna?

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Does Indigo need Henna?

 I am trying to reach a dark-brown/black effect.  Base hair is dark-brown/black with 40% gray.  Have used hennigo mixture with success but wonder about the application of indigo without henna.  

General quesiton: can you use indigo alone or does indigo rely on henna as a base?  

Specifically, I hennigoed my sis's hair (black w/very resistent grays) with poor results.  After following procedure, three hours setting time, the result was lots of grays, oranges, etc.  After rinsing out mixture, decided to try indigo to achieve black.  It worked wonderfully.  I used very little indigo in those problem areas and got a perfect black result.  But, this two step process is time consuming any way to expedite?  Why do you think the initial hennigo mixture did little while the subsequent indigo application worked wonderfully?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Does Indigo need Henna?

Henna helps indigo stick better and fade less. Often indigo won't stay in the hair well unless there is some henna either mixed with it, or in the hair already from a previous application.

Indigo without any henna would also be a bit drying for your hair I think, since it is alkaline.

Some dye resistant grey requires a 2-step process (just henna first, followed by whatever mix is necessary for the desired color result). Possibly your sister's hair will require this, but you may wish to try to troubleshoot first before resorting to that since it is more time consuming.

For black, you pretty much always need a 2-step process, though. Henna/indigo mixes work best if the indigo portion is not any more than about 65% of the mix, and that will give dark brown, not black.

here is the FAQ on getting better gray coverage:

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