new to site - need advice on which henna on site to buy

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new to site - need advice on which henna on site to buy

I am new to the site.  Earlier this year I decided to henna my hair after a little research. Being new I waited about 3 months after using hair color to start the henna. I purchased LM henna in medium brown. I began using henna as the chemical dyes were destroying my hair and I am getting thinner on top. I also have thyroid problems under control w/ meds. 


Since starting henna my hair is better shape now.

I want to obtain a beautiful deep red.  I found this site and want to purchase the henna but I am unsure which one to start with. My hair is naturally medium brown with auburn and now a lot of gray.

The ends of my hair are pretty dark now but the roots are a lot lighter red.  I did not know at first not to recolor all my hair so it is darker on the length. I am getting a good cut tomorrow and then want to henna again. Hair is about shoulder length 

Any suggestions on which henna or mix to start with?  I want to order soon so I can henna in about a week or so again.

 I am so glad I found this site.  Thanks for any information or advice...




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Re: new to site - need advice on which henna on site to buy

 Keep in mind that you won't be able to lighten with henna. Over medium brown, your stuck in the auburn range unless you want to chemically lighten first, which it sounds like you don't.

I would try Punjabi Prime for a nice lively red. This should give coper bright red on your grays, and light to medium auburn on the brown hair. For a richer, but darker color you might try Henna for African hair which will give light auburn on your grays and medium auburn on your brown hair. Rajasthani Twilight will give you the deepest color, but also the darkest. This will most likely give a dark auburn on your brown hair, and medium auburn on your grays.

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