The 2012 Henna Page Calendar

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The 2012 Henna Page Calendar

 The 2012 Henna Page Calendar is ready for you to download!  Go HERE to get it!

It's a 66MB PDF download, so be patient.  If you really can't download it, we'll send to you on CD.

This year's work include body painting, henna, gilding, woading and more.

Elizabeth Howard, PhD, did the poetry.  Alex Morgan did the graphic montage work. 

Artists were: Deb Brommer, Kim Brennan, Jen Schafer, Penni AlZayer, Lady Tetsu, and myself, Catherine Cartwright-Jones

I'm working on pages that feature the 'how to and what did you use' for each design.  I'll post that as soon as that's finished, so you can do things like this too!