Henna Share and Cutting

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Henna Share and Cutting



I had a fun fabulous busy henna weekend at Twin Cities Pride.  I did a lot of wonderful henna, met Carrie from the Hair forum (yeah) and had some of the best hummus ever.  One thing that troubled me were the clients who were cutters.  I henna'd 6 girls on Sunday that had the tell tale scars. One had freshish cuts.  I haven't noticed this too much in years past, it seems more prevalent this year.  What are other's experiences with cutting and henna?  Do you see alot of girls or boys who cut stopping by for henna?  Anyone work with these kids and henna to find a less destructive outlet?  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the experience.  One lovely girl had to have her henna in a different spot because she still had some scabs and I wasn't comfortable hennaing over or around them.  It's breaking my heart...