How can I tone down the copper/ orange color?

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I have brown hair with copper highlights naturally. Now that I've started going gray and I use henna I love how healthy my hair feels and I'm happy with my hair color in indoor light. I'm outside often, however, and in the direct sun my hair seems a brassy orange rather than the rich brown I see when indoors. Is there a way to tone down the orange color? I am currently using a cassia, buxus, henna mix. I've used indigo in the past, but don't want to go too dark. Did I see you can use buxus as a secondary application? Does using vinegar or distilled water help? Would increasing the ratio of buxus help? Does anyone add amla to buxus with the cassia and henna??? I'll strand test whatever I do, just looking for some solid ideas to get to a cooler brown. Thanks in advance! I was about to go to a salon, but am nervous about using chemicals and don't really want to...

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