Hummingbird food to replace sugar?

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Hummingbird food to replace sugar?

I'm making a new batch of henna, but I'm all out of my normal sugar. I do have some hummingbird food I am tempted to try but want to know if anyone else had tried it. Its powder, and the ingred. list says: sucrose, dextrose, sodium benzoate (preservative), tartaric acid, artificial food coloring. Would the preservative or tartaric acid ruin my batch? Or should I run to the store and get some normal sugar?



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Re: Hummingbird food to replace sugar?

It is probably just fine, but quite expensive ! lol 


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Re: Hummingbird food to replace sugar?

Good Morning,

The tartaric acid won't bother your henna at all, but the Sodium Bezoate might.  I suspect that the sodium benzoate content is why so many artists have better luck with fresh squeezed as opposed to bottled lemon juice.

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Re: Hummingbird food to replace sugar?

I've heard that when you mix a "benzoate" with asorbic acid (lemon?) the precipitant is Benzene which is a carcinogen. I don't know the validity of this, I remember hearing about in regards to soda.

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