Ancient Sunrise Red and Sudina Henna

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Ancient Sunrise Red and Sudina Henna

I would like some photos and more info than on the web page of these two products.

Sudina is described as giving a sweet, red tone.  This sounds wonderful.  How well does it cover grey? (I have some 30%).

I have used Yemen light and would like to swing the colour more towards red.  My Yemen light colour result is a strong copper-red.

Is there a procedure? Do I gradually add more red to the Yemen Light or can I do a red application in one go?



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Re: Ancient Sunrise Red and Sudina Henna

 I don't have photos for you, maybe someone else will come along with that.

The color of sudina is darker on me than the "sweet red" given in the description. I get a light-med auburn with it. Because of that, I would start by cutting your yemen light with it, slowly adding more with each application until you get exactly where you want to be.

Sudina does cover gray for most people if you're going for a lighter color. I probably wouldn't recomend it for someone who's trying to cover gray and go medium brunette or darker. For lighter shades and reds over gray it will be fine.


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