Henna+Indigo: An Idiot Tries Again.

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Okay, I guess my thread about my first misadventure with henna+indigo vanished with the old forum, so here I am again to get advice after my second go 'round. All my products are BAQ from Catherine.

The color didn't take AT ALL. I was going for a very dark brown on my roots-- maybe 3/4 indigo to 1/4 henna. I mixed up 100mg of indigo fresh and estimated the henna from my stock of frozen henna.

I think I did several things wrong. First, I left the mix in only 4 hours; I usually leave it in overnight.  Second, I defrosted the henna for about 10 hours, then I put it in the fridge until the next day because something came up. So I think the henna might have lost its potency. It was also really watery; much waterier than when I've used non-frozen henna.

When I mixed the indigo with water, it was about the consistency of mashed potatoes. But when I added the henna, the mix turned into thin yogurt-- maybe that's too thin?

I absolutely love the conditioning and color I get with henna on the length of my hair, but I really need to have brown on the gray clusters around my face, so I've got to make the indigo+henna work. I'm going to try again in a couple days... HELP????

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