Please Help - Using Henna on Color treated hair

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Please Help - Using Henna on Color treated hair

Hello All,

I have hair just past my shoulders and would like to grow it longer. I have been highlighting it for the last year to blend my grey, but have decided that I would like to go natural and just use a Henna color. I covered my hair with a Natural Instincts to get close to my natural color, but I am pretty sure that it has some kind of chemical solution like peroxide and I want to get away from all the chemicals. I've been reading that Henna is not supposed to be used on already color treated hair - Is this true and if so, how do I get to a point that I can use the Henna (without having to cut off all my hair or wait til the treated stuff grows out. I dont want to go that long with the grey being exposed :) Also, I have natural wavy hair that I miss. Since I have used the chemical treatments my natural waves have turned frizzy. Does Henna damage the waves? (another thing I read)

Thanks for any advise

Rene :)

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Re: Please Help - Using Henna on Color treated hair

Most people who start using henna have been using chemical haircolor recently, it seems. It's perfectly fine to do, and you don't have to wait in between.

Henna can relax waves and curls when it's used repeatedly. Most likely your first henna would not do that, and in fact some people find it brings back some wave initially, or in an ongoing way, but more people with waves notice loss of wave when they henna their hair over and over. To avoid that you could use henna once on all your hair, then just touch up the roots as they grow in. You can do a very dilute application (a gloss, say 1 Tbsp prepared henna paste diluted in 1 cup conditioner) to refresh the color and shine on your length without much risk of relaxing the wave.

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