Fantastic photo-material about different kinds of body art.

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Fantastic photo-material about different kinds of body art.

Credits to Flavia who posted one pic to Kim's wall.

The photographer is Retlaw Snellac I would warmly recommend to page his albums/sets on flickr. Amazing material! It does contain ANY kind of altering: tattoos, jewellery, piercing, henna, adumbration, scars... you name it. Most voluptious nose-rings I've ever seen and fantastic tiny old ladies with ears all pierced and bended down with jewellery. Fantastic heavy neck-rings, solid ankle-rings and dusty toes all covered with toe-rings.

But a very good overview comes from these 2 albums:
A round-the-world
The world

Althou, these two are in a way complementary to each other ie there are repetitions.

For me Gujarati album was interesting. There was a probably hennaed camel, fantastic portrait of a hennaed and kohl-using man and elder man who looks really devilish (do you think devil would use kohl?).

If I look materials like this and think about the question Hennacat put up next to the mirror at TAAB exhibit in Shrewsbury: How did you alter your body today?
The answer would probably be - Rather modestly.