Question about using indigo henna

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Question about using indigo henna

Alright, I'm new here, so forgive me if I use the wrong names for the types of henna.  I've been hennaing my hair for a few years now.  I used to use Celebration until it ran out, now I use the next closest thing.  I've recently started wondering about dying the underneath layer of my hair with the black/indigo henna, and using the regular henna on the rest of my hair.  If I did this, would I ever be able to dye over the black with the regular henna? My hair is naturally dirty blonde. 

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Re: Question about using indigo henna

You could put some indigo on the hennaed underlayer, sure. And you would be able to use henna on it again later on, but henna will not change the black color back to red.  Once you dye your hair with henna followed by indigo, it is going to stay black even if you henna over it again.

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