Henna and Phyto relaxer

 Hello all -


I use the Phyto relaxer and there is a warning on the box stating that Phyto should not be used on henna-treated hair.  Why is that?  I've tried to reach out to the Phyto team to no avail.



If the relaxer contains ammonia or peroxide, that can react badly with hair treated with compound henna containing metallic salts. If you used pure henna though, you should be able to use a relaxer either before or after.

 Why are metallic salts added to henna?  Thanks for your response!

I think they make it possible to do a 30-minute application ... not sure though.

It also could be to make colors that henna doesnt produce (brown, black, crayon red, blue, green, etc)... though thats just a guess. A lot of times though, compound hennas (usually the stuff that comes in tubes, in paste form) really arent even henna or theres only enough henna in the mix to be labeled henna since henna isnt tightly regulated or controlled. Its often no better than chemical dye.


Compound dye is why henna is a four lettered word to stylists and why boxes of chemical dye say not to use over henna.

Hi,  just so I am clear, can I dye my hair using henna/indigo after I have relaxed my hair with phytospecific type 2 relaxer?  If I can, how long do I have to wait?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can, so long as the henna and indigo are pure. You dont HAVE to wait, but we often recommend giving it 24 hours just so your hair has a chance to breathe and recover.

I'm not familiar with that specific product, but if you are only using pure, individual henna and indigo powders that you mix yourself, then you can safely use them on hair that has been chemically treated. Neither henna nor indigo will have a bad/dangerous reaction on hair that's chemically treated, other than maybe taking the color unevenly because of how peroxide increases hair's porosity. Strand testing is advised.

You do not have to wait at all but it's probably kinder to your hair to let it rest a day or two - curlynikki.com could advise you better.