Indigo with conditioner

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Indigo with conditioner

My hair is about 50% grey and have used the 2 step process to color it black.  I've read several posts and instructions for use where after rinsing out with indigo you can use conditioner (no shampoo) to remove excess indigo.  Others say not to use anything at all.  Who is right?  When I've used conditioner after rinsing, I do notice it removing more indigo that would not have been risned out with just water.  But I think its due to the conditioner's ability to separate single strands allowing more indigo to be rinsed out of your hair.  Is it ok to use conditioner during the rinse and without compromising the binding of indigo to your henna'd hair.  Thanks , this is an excellent forum. 

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Re: Indigo with conditioner

 That's a good question! In my opinion its best to avoid any product at all in the first 24 hours. I understand that its not always possible to get the goop rinsed out with just water. A little conditioner, if you have to, is better than shampoo. 

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