Help with colour of mixed henna.

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Help with colour of mixed henna.

I have been using henna since October last year, whilst travelling Nepal and India, i had this done a few times, on our way home i bought a 500gm pack in Bangkok and have been mixing it ever since. My hair is/was dark brown and is now a deep red and i love it, last few times i have dyed my hair i add 1/8th cup of indigo to darken the red with nice results. I always mix my henna the night before doing my hair and use 1 lemon and water in the mix. I just bought some new henna from the health food shop (have not used their henna before ) after mixing the mixture is a brown colour, like baby poo, i am used to it being a green colour, There is no green colouring at all. Is this safe to use????? Bit scared it might be a different colour, i bought a deep red!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thankyou

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Re: Help with colour of mixed henna.

What color was the powder?

I've had henna paste turn brown immediately upon mixing, usually because I used something not very acidic or something warm as my liquid. Not a problem. But when you buy a dye that's labeled as a particular color, it is likely to be something other than 100% henna so all bets are off.

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