Bling up your life. Ultlimately!

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Bling up your life. Ultlimately!

So - if you have some 15,000$ laying just around and you have nothing to do with this but there is still something missing in you life... some shine.. some bling... some most final and ultimate poshy touch...

Then go and visite Shekhar Eye Research Center and get a pair of lenses with pure diamond and gold!

Bling up your life!

I think ppl must really have anything already, too much money and spare time to think out things like this...

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Re: Bling up your life. Ultlimately!

He told Today that once people catch a glimpse in person they will not be able to resist their charm. “If your eyes are sparkling with diamonds, no one can look away; their eyes will be glued to you and your personality."

Your personality?  Really? What about your...

  • insubstantiality?
  • conceitedness?
  • mind-numbing stupidity?
  • vacuousness?
  • selfishness?
  • narcissism?
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