In death with style

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In death with style

Here is a link to full article which is not free:

I will refere from overview what was published in Estonian press:
In ancient Egypt not only dead person's body was taked care of but they also had frehsly made hairdo's and styles. It was important to look stylish when passing over to afterlife. And stay stylish there.
Hair of the dead were groomed and modelled into different styles, curls and combinations while using hair-gel made of perfumed animal grease/fat.
Archeologists from Manchester University found appr 3000 years old tombsat Dakhla oasis with paintied figures having interesting cone-shaped things above their heads on walls. They do believe this was a perfumed grease/fat used to groome and style one's hair.
On tombs mummies had carefully styled hair with curls and hairdo's obviously made after person's death and turing the mummification process. Same kind of styled hair could have been found at other mummies found earlier times and from different places of Egypt.
Scientists researched 18 mummies that belonged to people died appr 2300-3500 years ago and belonged to the different age-groups from 4-58. Chemical study of the hair showed that most of the mummies' hair were covered with somekind of fat/grease-based thing. That was rather different from the agent/ingredient that was used for bodies. And pesons who were shaved did not have this agent on their bald heads, they were mummified all over with same-kind of agent.
Natalie McCreesh said that the bodies of mummies were covered and saturated with resin-kind of agent while those who had hair had hair saturated with fat-based agent and obviously had hair-styles identifying them.
Egyptians were not the nly ones who groomed the mummies' hair, it was also common practice in South-America where tar and resin was used to mummify dead and hair were colored with different kinds of powders.