Not getting very much color

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Not getting very much color

I've been doing a few strand tests before I color, have used henna before but this is my first time with henna of this quality and am excited.  I wondered if you could help me determine why I"m not getting more color in my strand tests.  I've mixed 4 parts ancient sunrise to 1 part amla, mixed with a little distilled water and lemon juice, then let it sit overnight for about 12 hours, then put it on harvested hair, in plastic baggy, next to skin, left on for 3.5 hours.  When I've rinsed it out and let it oxidize for about 4 days, I have very little color difference in the strands.  I have medium brown hair that loves to soak up color of any kind so I"m surprised by this and am not sure how to proceed or what I could be doing wrong.  Any ideas?

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Re: Not getting very much color

Can you please post a picture that shows how dark is the medium brown you want to henna?  That will help us help you.  Thanks!

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