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I have all the essentials, fine pure henna powder, citric acid in powder & terpinol. but are all in little packets .so i have no idea what amount of citric acid & terpinol to use & need a little help please? I only want to do a few small tattoos on myself & my 3 children. i have a plastic application stick & some plastic cones. please help if you have any ideas. i also need to know how long the citric acid will last once mixed with water or would i be better off using bottled lemon juice as everywhere I'v read seems to recommend it instead especially as I'm using it on my children. the box it all came in just says the contents as follows: Natural Henna (Pure), Terpinol (M.U GRADE), Citric Acid (An Hydrat. There's no instructions on or in the box or packets or even amounts on the packets as to how much is in them just a small piece of paper that says dissolve this powder into half a glass of water then mix henna in a bowl with this water to form a paste now mix in oil to this paste. cover bowl with a lid.

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