Henna in Greese?

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Henna in Greese?

Hi all. Mookie here. I have an opportunity to be part of a Greek festival and would like to provide them with some history on henna in Greese. I am assuming that there is history there. Can someone bump/direct me to that info?


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Re: Henna in Greese?

Nice to hear you want to share this type of information with event goers!  It shows enterprise and respect.  Here's some research to start with:

By Catherine Cartwright-Jones, world-known henna expert and founder of this forum

By others

Now, I want to encourage you to please make sure you don't misspell the name of the country, Mookie.  I would probably leave your booth if I found my country misnamed repeatedly on an event dedicated to my culture.  (Yes, I'm picky like that!)
Have fun and good luck!
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