In what cases will indigo turn hair green??

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In what cases will indigo turn hair green??

I know cases like when you try to bleach it or when it's with henna that has metallic salts. But does it not react well with hair that has been colored??

Because some of (mostly the ends of) my hair is colored (only once ever on virgin hair 3.5 months ago with no color touch-ups) two shades lighter than my natural dark brown.

I don't know if the indigo reacts badly to ammonia (I'm assuming it does), but the color was ammonia free and to my knowledge has no metallic salts.

If I use henna and then color over that with indigo (all 100% fresh BAQ), will my hair turn green??

Also, how do you know if a hair color (drugstore brand) has metallic salts anyway?? Anyone know??

Because I tested my colored hair four times with a professional permanent hair color that said not to use over hair colored with metallic salts and there was no chemical reaction at any time.

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Re: In what cases will indigo turn hair green??

You can get green initially (1-2 days) after a henna/indigo mix, even a henna/indigo gloss, until your color oxidizes and darkens.

Otherwise, you can get green if you bleach indigoed hair.

Using indigo over chemically colored hair, even if it contained ammonia or metallic salts, is fine. Indigo doesn't "react" in the way you're thinking.

If you do a 2-step (henna first, so there is a good "bed" of henna to help indigo attach to your hair), then indigo for 1 hour, you will get black. You should not see any green.

The metallic salts problem arises when using peroxide or ammonia on hair that was treated with metallic salts.  Henna does not react with metallic salts, nor does indigo. Peroxide and ammonia react with metallic salts.

As far as how to tell if a chemical dye has metallic salts, I'm not sure. I've heard that Grecian Formula has them, and maybe some Feria colors ... ?

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