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 Ok, here's another question I'm sure you have heard a bunch of times but I'm having trouble finding the answer to.  Will Ancient Sunrise Cassia cover grey hair?  I know that certain hennas have a higher dye content and are therefore better at covering grey.  Does cassia have a "dye content"?

I have light to med brown hair that I use Yemen Light henna on and it covers my grey well so far but I would like my hair to be lighter than it is now.  It is important to cover up my greys well.

Will mixing henna and cassia cause my usually vibrant red hair to be toned down?  The problem is that I like the one application of henna color but after build-up from multiple root applications it is just too dark for me.

Is there any other random things I should know about a cassia/henna mix?

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 Cassia will give silver and white hairs a soft yellow or pale blond. Over red, brown, or black it won't cause any color change at all.

If you start adding a bit of cassia it will give a lighter color than with henna alone.

I'm not sure I understand why you have color build up after root applications. If you're applying henna to new growth at the root only, the color shouldn't build up.

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