Slightly O/T - bent luer lock tips for acrylic adhesive designs!

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Slightly O/T - bent luer lock tips for acrylic adhesive designs!

So while off cruising the Internet wonderland, I ran across a new toy and simply had to buy it.  My toys have now arrived and I just did up my arm. So, 22 gauge *bent* 1/2 inch steel luer-lock tips for acrylic work - report: Popped right onto my existing bottle with no trouble. I got MUCH better line/bubble control, at the cost of occasionally wiping the tip clean, much like a cone. Probably not suitable for big flooded areas, although I was able to fill a few with no problem. The finer gauge made me delirious for zardosi inside old henna, and I LOVE the bend. I could hold the bottle up a little and squeeze to control flow instead of getting a gravity feed and the dreaded 15-minutes to dry white milky lumps. I laid in a layer nice and thin that dried in about 30 sec, and I did part of it bent over and pretty much with the bottle aimed straight down, historically, my worst position. Worthy buy. It won't be as simple to store and clean them, but they were fairly cheap.  I won't post links in deference to the outside website policy, but I found 'em on Amazon and elsewhere - and I gotta say, they're really quite cool!!!  I'm not makin' bank off these, so I thought I'd spread the word if anyone else wanted to try them.