"Menopause" Hair/ Deathly Allergic to PPD

Hi Everyone,

Well here goes.  I've got fine, thin, "wispy" hair down the middle of my back that used to be a lot thicker and healthier before thyroid issues and going through menopause. My natural hair is a light rather ashy brown with a few gray strands at the top and temples.  I had blonde hair for 30 years (weave) and decided to stop when the texture changed due to the above.  I used a well-known boxed hair color from the drug store to go back to natural and not only did I break out in welts and suffered with a burned scalp, my head was slightly swollen and I itched for two weeks at least afterwards even after applying steroid creams.  I've kept my hairdressing license up for 25 years even though I don't work in the biz due to reactions to seemingly everything and I knew I was allergic but blonde with brown and gray roots?  Yuck.  Also, I tried using one of those color-depositing shampoos and it caused some flaking, itching and loss of sleep due to my hands breaking out in blisters and itching like crazy!  After reading so many posts and threads and researching the site, I called and ordered some products.  Here's a synopsis of my afternoon:

I am completely dumbfounded.  I've been doing some work around the house with the following mixture on my head and WOW, no itching! 

About 75g Celebration Henna mixed with distilled water & a little grapefruit juice (oops, didn't realize you could use just water with Amla).  About 20g. Amla was mixed into the henna mix and it sat overnight (12 1/2 hours) covered at 75 degrees F.

About 75g Indigo mixed with about 1/2 tsp. salt and distilled water. I added the henna mixture to it after it sat, measuring both formulas equally by heaping tablespoonfuls into a third bowl. 

I put in on by myself, hoping I covered all of my strands. (Didn't need the whole amount since my hair is so thin.)  I did it just like the video showed and it ran just a little bit after 2 1/2 hours but the old towel did its job.  I'd hoped for a medium brown a little more on the warm side. 

After 3 hours, I rinsed well and conditioned so that I could comb through it and dried with the hairdryer.  I got scared because it seemed rather dark and "ashy" in the dim and awful bathroom light but when I went outside, it was just what I wanted.  My hair is a medium brown with a beautiful auburn cast and the grays are highlighted an orange-ish red.  I'm fine with that because I know that over the next few days, the color will darken and become a little more on the redder side.  I was quite aprehensive and thought I might have used a little too much indigo at first but in the natural light, it's perfect.  If I can, I will try to post a photo. 

If I am going to react to a product, it will always happen immediately.  If I can use these plant-based products without any reaction I think just about anyone can. I'm very happy with the results.  Thank you all for posting your stories and information here.  It's very helpful.





Thank you for posting your results.  It's so nice to hear what a positive experience you had using plant dyes--and that you got a color you love on the first try!  That's just great!  I, like you, had been using synthetic hair dyes for years.  I used to put up with my extremely itchy scalp afterwards, but my sensitivity became progressively worse every time I colored.  First I developed redness around my hairline, the next few times, rash/burning sensation...finally welts and hives.  That's when I had to quit.  I returned to henna (which I had tried as a teenager, although probably not BAQ), discovered this site, and have never looked back!

I hope you see the condition of your hair improve over time as so many of us have.  My hair is very fine, and while it hasn't really thickened since starting using plant dyes, it does feel stronger, looks denser, has lost the frizz, and "sheds" less too.  Overall it looks healthier--and grows longer more easily.  Hopefully you'll have a similar experience.  Welcome to our community!

As a fellow can't-tolerate-any-other-hair-dyes person who lived for hair dye for most of my life, I share your joy at discovering a blessed INsensitivity to plant dyes :-) I'm the same, and am thankful every day that there is something I can use!!!

I am not a gray enthusiast, but my hair is not "working with me" on this, so luckily my hair and body can agree on henna to banish the white springs. I get through it with no problems- actually the opposite...I love having the henna on- and then when I take it off...POOF. Everything is colored. Happiness.