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My hair is almost down to brastrap and I like the butterscotch kit, but it is not available. I am at a loss of what and how much of which ingredients to get. I had bought a kit before, but not from here, however, I want to give this a try.  My hair is overdue for color. I have a dark blonde with grey, natrally. Thanks

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Re: Butterscotch

Butterscotch is 4 parts cassia to 1 part henna to 1 part buxus dioica (light ash blonde)

So you would use 100 gm cassia, 25 gm henna, 25 gm buxus

or multiples of those amounts, if your hair is longer, like: 

200 gm cassia, 50 gm henna, 50 gm buxus

300 gm cassia, 75 gm henna, 75 mg buxus

For brastrap length hair I think you will need at least 200 gm cassia/50 henna/50 buxus. If your hair is pretty thick, go up to the next higher amount.

Be sure to mix the buxus last, after the henna and cassia have started to release dye, and use water only with the buxus. It gives stronger color that way.

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