transitioning to gray

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transitioning to gray

I've been hennaing for a little over a year now and I love it. Since I started graying though I decided that I want to stop coloring my hair and just grow the gray out with my natural color. The problem is I'm totally addicted to the conditioning effects of henna and don't want to give it up! I already use the zizyphus spina christi shampoo bar, which I also love but is certainly no henna. I've also heard that cassia or amla might work for me. Will cassia turn my grays yellow? Does amla deposit any color? Will either give me the conditioning effect of henna?

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Re: transitioning to gray

Nothing but henna will give you the conditioning effects of henna. Cassia is similar, but the effects last only about 3 weeks so you would have to reapply every 3 weeks and yes, it would give your grays a golden tint and it builds up. Amla produces no color and adds more volume, but I'm not sure about conditioning.

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