Freezing Your Paste


Henna paste can get a bump of extra dye release from being frozen. Make sure dye release has begun before you freeze the paste if you are hoping to enhance dye release. With an acidic liquid mix, that will mean letting it stand for 12 hours or more, while with a neutral mix dye release will happen within the first couple of hours. Freezing the paste will not take the place of standing time. If you freeze an acidic mix before it has started to release dye, it will not gain extra dye release from being frozen. If the paste has sat so long that it has passed the point of dye release and has begun to demise, freezing will not revive it. In a frozen state, henna paste will stay strong and usable for at least 6 months, possibly a year. It must be protected from air while frozen, and it's best not to expose it to warm air longer than necessary when thawing. Zip-loc bags make a good container for frozen paste since you can flatten out the paste for quicker thawing, or even break off a chunk just the size you need for a roots touch-up. 


Cassia paste survives freezing and is usable, although with slightly reduced dye strength. It is such a weak dye to start with, you may not notice the difference unless you are using it by itself on white hair and trying to get the deepest golden blonde you can with it. 

Buxus and Indigo

If you freeze mixtures that contain buxus or indigo and want to reuse them, freezing will kill the dye in the buxus or indigo portion, but the henna or cassia in the mix will still be active. You can replace those killed portions, but keep in mind that your thawed henna/buxus or henna/indigo paste is now diluted with inert buxus/indigo so it won't be as strong as it was first time around. For example, let's say you froze 1 cup of 50/50 henna/indigo paste. After freezing, what you have left is half-strength henna paste since the indigo half is inert. You would add 1/2 cup of indigo paste to the 1 cup of half-strength henna paste. Now you have 1-1/2 cups of paste that is balanced between henna and indigo, but not as strong as your original paste because one-third of it is inert. 

Amla and Zizyphus

 Amla and zizyphus do not contain dye and are not affected by freezing; they are still usable.

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