knotwork: dot method?

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knotwork: dot method?

Does anyone here use the dot method for Celtic knotwork? Is it too careful for the fast-working approach needed for indigo? (I just got my first batch, tried it out, wasn't careful enough to like most of it, but I love the potential.)

The dots end up being the spaces between the woven strands. You draw each segment of a strand as parallel lines (or a single thick bar) between one pair of dots and the next (to the inner sides of those dots). Then, to get the strand on top, the next bar crosses above the top set of dots and below the next set up...okay, hard to explain in words. If you use the technique, though, you might recognize it. Has anyone used it for indigo?

Do people use wide brushes, or just round (to avoid oxidation)?

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Re: knotwork: dot method?

 When working with indigo, I just paint the whole knowt without any weaving for the first application. Then after the rinse, you can still see a light color from the first go to use as a guideline for actually weaving the knot. By the time you build up a few layers of indigo the first doesn't really show to betray your guide without weaving.

I dunno about brushes. I've only used a round, but that doesnt' mean anything.

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