red highlights to blend in dark brown roots

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red highlights to blend in dark brown roots
I have naturally dark brown roots but the length is dark auburn due to henna over blond highlights. I also have about 10 % grey which is now a lovely auburn due to the henna. As my hair grows out ( I only use henna), my natural dark brown roots are showing despite the 10% grey (now henna auburn). I want to stay auburn. I'm thinkling of having auburn highlights every couple of months to blend in my brown roots. My dark brown hair is too dark for my pale skin and ages me. I would also continue hennaing. Will the chemical auburn stick onto my hennaed hair. Or will it fade and will I just end up with my dark brown hair? Thank you so much for all your advice.
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Re: red highlights to blend in dark brown roots

 Many people find that chemical dyes come out darker or redder than they expect on hennaed hair and may not last as long as they should. You should strand test in advance to make sure you like the color the highlights will give over your henna before you go for it, but it is safe and won't melt or fry your hair, or turn it green or, anything horrible like that IF you've been using pure henna. If there had been indigo or metal salts in it you could be in trouble.

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