Questions about henna+indigo with pic

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Questions about henna+indigo with pic

Hello Everyone,

I stumbled upon this forum (older one) recently while I was trying to research about Henna. I've learn a lot of great things about Henna and also about the horrible toxics in chemical dyes. I've recently hennaed my hair a few weeks ago and LOVE the result. It gives me a nice tint and made my hair very soft and practically tangle-free.

I've been trying to convert my mom to henna since she has been using chemical dye for about 15 years (I cringe at the thought now). She have faded brassy chemical dye looksin her hair with about 1 inch of root consisting of dark drown hair and 50% white. A few days ago Hennigo (sp?) my mom hair using the kit for grey hair in medium brown using a little more henna than indigo (6:4). The result at 1st was a bright copper (I could tell that freaks my mom out) but by the 2nd day, it turn a very pretty medium brown with the white strands turning a darker copper. We both love it! 

My only problem now is that I'm afraid the indigo might fade since it's her 1st time using it. I'm going back to college in about 2 weeks so I was planning on re-hennigoing her hair before I leave (and throwing away her boxes of hair dye). I want to keep the color but to maybe darken her grey-turned-copper strands a bit. If I use the same mix, you her hair be too dark? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for this wonderful forums and your great advice!

Here are some pictures to help give you a better idea...and to show off my mom's now  beautiful healthy hair lol

pic 1: Before, a brassy looking brown

Pic 2: Before, dark roots with white strands

Pic 3: Day 2, Medium brown with the whites a dark copper:


 I usually come home every 3 months and so I'm planning on doing her roots every time I come back.

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Re: Questions about henna+indigo with pic

You could repeat the same mix all over if she wants her hair a little bit darker all over. With only 40% indigo I don't think it will go hugely dark (black or nearly so), and in fact you might want to increase the amount of indigo some, at some point if it's getting too red. But you don't have to worry about that right now, just see how it goes. She may not have much fading of the indigo - everyone's hair is different in terms of how it picks up the henna vs the indigo, and whether it fades and how much .  It looks very pretty, by the way!

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