The art of contortion

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The art of contortion

I've always admired flexible people as my own flexibility is something of a wooden rocking-horse.

It has always been a part of a circus:
in the beginning of 20th cen

And you all have probably seen these little chinese/mongolian 'snake-girls' who do tricks with a glass-pyramids, standing on plates.
And perhaps you've seen gymnastics on olympics - all this little woman-to be girls who do absolutely incredible things.

There is interesting tendency - and it is probably so everywhere - to test the limits or go beyond these. Sometimes it is lovely to watch - you have this very Ooh!-moment. And sometimes it is painful. I wondered for a while from where this comes. And I must say - I don't know.

I recently met this circus-set of Lake of Swans. I was stunned, yes. It is amazing flexibility but same time - it hurts to see. (And I must admit - thing they do on about 50th sec reminds me barbeque-chicken...)

And she makes even more incredible things but it is much more calm to watch. Is it because she smiles? That this is solo-project? It feels more... relaxed in a way.

I wondered why this is so with me? Prejudice perhaps - I can not watch Russian and Chinese group-gymnastics for example. I've seen trainings from aside, seen clips and documentaries about how they train small children and read stories what is the price and - it hurts. Even it is beatuful and almost beyond the limits of human body... it hurts and tastes for blood, swet and tears.

So how you feel while wathcing that kind of things? Would you for example put your child to the training-group for gymnastics? Where is the end of practice and training and starts mutilation and destructiveness?
There are no free lunchic but what could be the reasonable price?

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Re: The art of contortion

As a contortionist myself (under the name Lora on Contortionistsunite) I obviously think contortion is a beautiful artform (and actually quite a natural way of living if one study's the behavior of other species, that seems to have been lost in industrialized society) However I do object to the pressure and pain forced on very young girls in these countries. In many of these areas contortionists are elevated to superstar proportions the equivalent of our pop-stars, and parents and girls feel it is the only way out of poverty and to gain a better life (better being subjective) They are also kept on strict diets and in order to make it "big" must do stunts that seriously endanger their lives( see marinelli bend[ which has a very good chance of killing or paralysing the performer, yet some girls are encouraged to do them in in stacks])

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