Thawing Henna Paste

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Thawing Henna Paste


I am new to using henna and did my first treatment about a month ago. I froze the excess and I am thawing it to do another treatment this weekend. My current approach is to let it sit at room temperature, but I'm not sure if there is a right and a wrong way to thaw your henna paste. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the input!


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Re: Thawing Henna Paste

You can either let it sit until you can mush it up, or you can put it in a warm water bath. If you have more than you will use this time, try to scrape off what you need as it thaws and refreeze the rest without thawing the whole lump.


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Re: Thawing Henna Paste


If what you have now is sort of a brick of henna paste, maybe you could thaw it in the refrigerator overnight?  I feel it's kinder to your paste if you don't expose it to heat any longer than you absolutely need.  Drastic changes in temperature and long sitting-out times will shorten its life.  You also want to avoid hot spots that can happen if you sink a big hunk of frozen paste in hot water.  So, as Carrie suggested, you can put the container in warm water, thaw the exterior of the "brick", and scrape it off as it melts without having to thaw and re-freeze all of it.

A better method (for the future) would be storing small portions of your dye-released henna paste in resealable plastic baggies (the "ziplock" kind).  If you flatten those and freeze them that way, thawing them will be much easier.  Just drop a baggie or two (as much as you'll need for 1 application) in a pan of warm (not hot) water for a few minutes, and presto!  If you snip a corner of the baggie, you can even use it as an applicator!

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