Is indigo alternative to black henna?

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Is indigo alternative to black henna?

 I have a Yemeni woman who wants me to do some black henna for her. I told her that will not apply anything that is black as it may contain PPD. 

My first question is, what is the best alternative to khitab, the black powder Yemeni women use and

secondly, where could I find Yemeni designs to get an idea of what that style looks like?

(I am thinking of Indigo or Jagua and or even indigo mixed with henna?)



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Re: Is indigo alternative to black henna?

 All good questions! You've got some options...

1. Indigo is only KINDA an alternative to khitab. IF you get the right thing. The indigo leaf powder that's used for hair is NOT it. You want indigo crystals. Check them out here: You'll see that the result is blue rather than black. Also, this medium is not ideal for use on the hands because its very thin -like water colors- and tends to run in cracks and creases. Mixing this with henna would be futile because the indigo has a higher pH wich ruins henna. With patience you can get interesting, NEAR black by layering the indigo over mature henna designs. Its kind of an odd color though, just to warn you.

2. Temput "harquus." is a great alternative. It doesn't last as long as henna but it holds up to gentle washing for days and has a truely black color.

3. Jagua... may not be a good solution. Its off topic for this forum so you'll have to do some googling to learn more, but I'll tell you why I DON'T like it. Their is a high rate of allergy. It is messy and hard to use. The product is inconsistant and often gives grayish or blueish results rather than black.

Its often very hard to convince women who have used dangerous products for many years to switch to something safe. I wish you luck!


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