Is there no more thursday sharing??

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Is there no more thursday sharing??

Just trying to understand how the new forum works. and also how do i get back to the genaral list after viewing a post??

thank you

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Re: Is there no more thursday sharing??

No more Thursday Sharing stickies, but you are welcome to share whenever.  To go back to the main forum after checking a post, scroll up to the top of the page and you will see something like Home>>>Henna and Indigo>>>Henna Forum.  Just click on the one that you want to go too.

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Re: Is there no more thursday sharing??


I have a forum I just started: I have a "Tuesday Share" and I would love to have you all there. It is an open forum for all topics henna related. There is also a Member's Lounge open for persons that would sign up as members. I hope that you join me!



Twitter: @milwaukeehenna




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