Looking for a short Henna Info Sheet to hand out

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Looking for a short Henna Info Sheet to hand out


My daughter and I have fallen in love with henna. We are going to apply small henna designs as part of a fundraiser for our Relay for Life team during the R4L walk this Friday. We have henna and gilding paste and glitter gel for the little ones. I'd like to have a small info sheet to give people about the henna, how to care for it and to run screaming away from anyone offering BLACK henna.

Does anyone have something like this they'd be willing to share, or is there a stock one to buy? If I don't have to recreate the wheel I'd rather not. I tend to drone on and on.....

I'm so psyched about this. We've been practicing on paper, each other and any willing person who sits still too long. I've been doing designs for folks during my lunch break and after my shift at work. It's so much fun and the best wind down ever for me and my co-workers.




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Re: Looking for a short Henna Info Sheet to hand out

I have my care and feeding of henna  on the back of my business card.  This will easily fit onto a business card template and on the reverse side you could put a black henna warning.  My warning is an 8x10 framed piece in my booth.

Henna paste takes 15-30 minutes to dry

Leave the paste on for a minimum of 4 hours. scrap the paste off.  Use vegetable oil if the paste is stubborn

Keep henna out of water and well moisturized

Full depth of color appears in 24-36 hours

Henna stain will last about 1-2 weeks


I like to under promise and over deliver :)

My black henna warning


Say NO to black henna

Black PPD body art can harm you!

PPD black body art, commonly referred to as "black henna" can do the following:

cause burning, blisters and scarring

it is a known carcinogen - causes cancer

it is a transdermal toxin

It is associated with bladder cancer, asthma and other health problems

It causes sensitization to hair dye, sun block, cosmetics, black clothing and some medications

Reactions are often delayed and take anywhere from 3-7 days to manifest

Seek medical attention if you have had a reaction to PPD black body art.  Subsequent allergic reactions can put your life in jeopardy!



I always include the HP black henna website - it's so chalk full of great info.



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