Who protects children... from their parents?

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Who protects children... from their parents?

I read this article about mom injecting her 8yo botox and fillers and my jaw really dropped to the floor. (And I do not understand why it is necessary to stress she is single-mom?)

I really do agree with the author from ModBlog from where I got this link:
When it comes to body modification, it’s an individual making the choice to alter their body in a way that they desire.  But at what age is it acceptable to start thinking about serious modifications?  There is no doubt that the mother is putting pressure on her child to achieve a desired physical transformation, but waxing the crotch of your 8 year old daughter just seems pretty excessive.  Not to mention injecting botulism into her face, and letting her think that wanting implants at her age is normal.  I try not to be too judgmental when it comes to non-celebrity stories, but this story really makes me want to slap the mom upside the head.